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Gap has an annual casting call that they hold for the new face of Gap.  I thought that it would be fun to enter Baby J so I put up a few photos of him and asked friends and family to vote for him.  Well, it would be fun except that no one can vote.  The website is always down and no one can get onto it, including me most of the time.  I am lucky if I can get onto the site 1 out of every 1o times I try.  Also,  I find it very amusing that some photos have gotten over 12,000 votes.  How does that happen?  Has someone hacked into the Gap site?  If the people voting for that child have normal computers like the rest of us, they are beating the system somehow because there is no way anyone can get on to vote that many times!!

Gap, you need to find a better system for conducing this contest because the baby that does win is not necessarily the most popular.  He is just lucky enough that the people voting for him actually got on to vote.


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