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When it came time for us to register, the obvious choice was Babies r Us.  There are stores everywhere in the US and they have a great selection of items.  I am learning that this may have been a mistake in thinking.  I also registered at Buy Buy Baby, Schneiders Baby and Target for some other things.  I have learned that not only does Buy Buy Baby have better prices but much better customer service.  Well, at least the Buy Buy Baby on 7th Avenue has better customer service than the Babies r Us in Union Square.

My patience has basically waned with each experience with Babies r Us.  The first was that we were not told how much the delivery charge would be for the crib and combo changer we ordered.  This is understandable as the PA store near my parents told us one thing and did not have all information from the Union Square store in Manhattan.  Though it did end up costing us ~$150 that we did not anticipate having to spend.  (more…)


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image_babyIf anyone knows me they know that I am a planner.  I may not be super organized but I like to plan everything.  You can ask Tom or my family if you are in any doubt!  As Tom told me today, “You are in my world” referring to an itinerary that has not shown up yet for our trip.  Registering for baby things is no exception to this rule.  I have been scouring websites for ideas and asking my friends for advice on items.  I think that aside from the items themselves, the store(s) in which you register becomes a big question too.  There are so many stores to choose from.  You have your standard BabiesRUs (surprisingly pricier than other stores with same items), Baby Depot (decent selection but not much of what I would need), Target (surprisingly has a good selection and great prices) and PotteryBarnKids (super expensive and has lots of items that you can get at other stores).  Then you have your Manhattan/NJ stores, BuyBuyBaby, GiggleAlbee Baby, Planet Kids, etc.  It is all so confusing and takes a lot of research.  Well, I have tons of time on my hands and I have done my research and have narrowed it down to 2/3 stores.  Unfortunately, not one store carries every registry item I want.  I am not revealing the registry stores yet as I have not started the registries.  Also, I am waiting to reveal them until I am certain the baby is a girl or boy. 

The other question is about registry items.  I think that I have narrowed down my list of “must-haves” but it is inevitable that I will be running to Buy Buy Baby or some other baby store to pick up something after Baby J arrives.  I am excited to learn along the way as that is how most parents do it and I think is an important part of life.  Haven’t we all stumbled our way through different parts of our lives and learned something as a result?  Alot of us were petrified we would not make any friends when we first got to our college dorms or even kindergarten, yet we found a way and made friends somehow.  I think that this is just another step  that will end up being a life lesson.

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