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klm-landing-airplane_smallI have not had the pleasure of people being nice to me just because I am pregnant.  However, I felt very pregnant yesterday as we sat in airports for what seemed like all day.  We were “nice” and gave up our seats (exit row seats) on the flight from Cincinnati to Chicago.  In exchange we each got Delta dollars for future flights and a dinner voucher ($7).  We went to check in on our new flight only to find out that it had been cancelled.  It would have been easy to go back to Delta except the terminals were nowhere near each other.  Thankfully, American Airlines got us onto another flight which happened to be earlier then the original cancelled flight.  We had a near miss and the flight we got booked on was not looking like it was going to take off.  But, we finally got to Chicago in one piece and excited to start our “vacation”.  If anyone is staying in the Chicago area, the Palmer House Hilton located in the Loop is fabulous.

I am looking forward to the day that people give up their subway/bus seats for me because I am pregnant.  Though I will admit that I am not holding my breath for this one. New Yorkers are not the most giving of people when it comes to a coveted seat on a bus or subway.


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