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I have been out of blogging lately and wanted to just post something. I religiously read celebritybabies.com from People, it is a must read every day for me. Here is the link: http://celebrity-babies.com/.


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Some of the posts here will be more personal in nature.  I have decided to keep them up.  My reason for doing so is that there are so many people out there that may have struggled with infertility and the disappointment that goes with it.  Some may have also experienced a miscarriage and not spoken about it.  These are just a few things that many women go through but don’t talk about.  I think that there tends to be shame when talking about the above mentioned topics.  I can understand as I definitely did not share any of these experiences with friends or family.  I felt alone when these things were happening.  I am sharing my experiences now so others may feel more comfortable that they are not alone and that others have been through it too.  I apologize if my posts make you uncomfortable, but my advice is: Don’t read them.  I hope that this blog will reach others and give them a sense of comfort.

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