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I have a few friends who are pregnant with girls or have been pregnant with girls.  And they have not been thrilled with being pregnant and have had a difficult time with their pregnancies.  Some gained a ton of weight or had edema.  Others suffered severe morning sickness.  Now, I had very little problems with any of the above.  I had nausea and it was annoying but nothing that could not be handled with saltines and ginger ale or ginger tea.  I ended up gaining most of my weight toward the end.  I loved being pregnant but was carrying a boy.  Did my carrying a boy have anything to do with me loving pregnancy?  Does gender influence your view of pregnancy?  I had come up with a theory that perhaps women enjoy pregnancy with boys more because of the hormone balance.  Boys are full of testosterone while girls have estrogen.  A women is going to be overloaded with estrogen with girls and maybe that is why they have difficult pregnancies or less enjoyable pregnancies.  Of course, this is a theory with nothing to back it up, just something I made up.   It is an interesting thought though, isn’t it?

Note: I have known women carrying girls who never complained about their pregnancies also.  I am not making the assumption that all women carrying girls complain.  However, I have not come across many women who  complained when carrying a boy.


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blue bootiespink bootiesI know that not everyone finds out the gender of the baby ahead of time.  I give a lot of credit to those who wait to find out.  Tom and I are driven by our “ids” and need to know right now. 

Today we found out that it is a boy.  Is the first ultrasound like a first opinion?  Do you wait for a second opinion or possibly third?  And I have to wonder if the first opinion could be wrong.  I am holding out hope that the second ultrasound could bring different results. 

Does gender disappointment make me a bad mother-to-be?  I don’t think so but know that others will disagree and think badly of me.  After I found out I was pregnant, I was fully upfront with the fact that if this is a boy that I will be disappointed but would get over it.  I am not one to disappoint and am still getting used to the fact that there will be a Hunter, not Sarah, that we welcome in November 2009.

I took a poll of everyone who thought I was having a girl vs. having a boy.   I have to say that it was pretty evenly matched but figured my women’s intuition would win out.  I guess I was wrong.  For those who said I was having a girl, there was a lot of mention of them not being able to imagine me having a boy.  I wear pink, I love girlie things and am truly a girl’s girl.  I have to agree with all of the above statements.

I figured that I would get my girl first then take a chance with a second for a boy.  I could live with having two girls but never thought that two boys would ever be a possibility.

And for all of you critics out there who are thinking what a horrible person I am.  You must be thinking, Doesn’t everyone just want a healthy baby?  Perhaps but gender disappointment does exist and I am suffering from it.

At the end of the day, I am so excited that the pregnancy has gone so well and the baby is healthy.  Boy or girl, I will love this baby with all that I have.  Goodness knows that this baby is very wanted and was planned out to the extreme.

A wise person once said that no one ever says, “I want the sick girl, not the healthy boy”.  She was right and I will definitely take the healthy boy.

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