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I went to an event hosted by Big City Moms last night at Planet Kids on the UWS – Stroller Spectacular.  It was worth every penny.  It was informative, interesting and fun.  It allowed moms and dads the opportunity to ask representatives from the respective stroller manufacturers about their products.  You also learned quite a bit about each stroller.  I have done quite a bit of research about both the Orbit and Uppa Baby, however did learn something new about each one.

At the end of the night, they did 3 raffles.  The first was for a Maclaren Quest Maclaren Queststroller, the next for a Micralite Toro and the third for a spot at their Dr. Harvey Karp event.  I happened to win the first one and was so excited.  I even get to pick the color of the stroller I want.  Tom and I are going with the Coffee/Green to be neutral. 

I never win raffles.  It has been proven throughout my life.  Now, I have a friend who has won tickets to numerous contests and trips to various places.  She is quite lucky when it comes to contests and raffles.  I guess Baby J is bringing some luck into our lives.  Thank you, Baby J!!


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Uppa Baby VistaBig City Moms is having an event on Tuesday, May 19th and Wednesday, May 20th.  They are holding it at Planet Kids – Tuesday is on the UWS and Wednesday is on the UES, both at 6:30pm.  I am so excited about this event as we are still not sure which stroller we want to add to our registry.  We are torn between the Uppa Baby and the Orbit.  They are both very different strollers with great features.  The question becomes which features are most important to us.  We don’t know, which is why this event should be very helpful.  At the event, there is a giveaway and I may come home with a free stroller.  Though I have to admit that I am not too confident about that one since I am one of the most unlucky person I know.  I am lucky in life, just not contests.  I hope to see lots of expectants moms (and dads) from the UWS there.

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