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For all new(er) NYC Moms and Moms-to-Be, this is the event that cannot be missed.  On Wednesday, April 14th at the Park East Ballroom, Big City Moms will host the event of the season, which is held twice a year.  It is called The Biggest Baby Shower and it is worth every penny you will spend and every minute you will be walking around.  I attended in the fall of 2009 and I can’t even begin to describe.  Oh wait, yes I can.  Check out my blog post: https://uwsmom.wordpress.com/2009/10/08/biggest-baby-shower-big-city-moms/

I am so disappointed that I will be missing this event.  Please comment if you do attend and let me know what you take home.


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Check out Big City Moms even – Secrets in the City For New Moms: http://bigcitymoms.com/upcoming_03022010lunch.php

This looks like a great event and a must for all new moms in the city.  Any Big City Moms events is a “can’t miss” event.  I am sure that this one won’t disappoint either.

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Back in October, I won a photo shoot while at the Biggest Baby Shower at American Girl Place.  It was put together by Big City Moms, which all my readers know I love and fully support.  The photo shoot that I won was with Leshem Loft and was supposed to be a maternity shoot.  Jenny Leshem of Leshem Loft was kind enough to suggest that we make it a newborn photo shoot since I was 9 months pregnant and less than a month from my due date.  This should have been the first indication that they were going to exceed my expectations and then some.  We arrived to their studio and it was truly picturesque.  This was not due to the view but rather the photos that were on the walls.  Of course, photographers have pictures on their walls, it is what they do.  However, few can capture pictures and provide you with the feeling of being present in the picture as you walk by it.  We felt welcome from the first step in the door and the environment was very comfortable.  (more…)

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I am only about 6 months into my pregnancy but I am already planning for our child’s education.  New York City, Manhattan more specifically,  is a very competitive city when it comes to schools and their entry requirements.  I am going to be attending Nursery School Seminar by Big City Moms on August 13th.    I am hopeful that it will give us some insight and edge when our child is born. 

Please join the fun on Thursday, August 13th at Kidville and learn more about nursery schools in New York City.

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Beach in AntiguaMy husband, Tom, who writes for Gadling and Luxist, and I are in Antigua on our baby moon.  We are staying at Curtain Bluff and it is our first experience with 1)an all-inclusive restort and 2)traveling to the Caribbean.  The vibe is so different here.  Everyone at the resort greets you with a smile and a hello. 

 The island is only 108 square miles and has 90,000 residents.  Tom commented that the population in our neighborhood in Manhattan is larger than their entire island.  It is amazing to think of how large Manhattan is in relation to other places but I digress.

Today we had our island tour and got to see parts of the island that we would not have seen otherwise and learn a bit about it’s history.  It is such a beautiful place with water all around no matter where we looked.  Eric Clapton has a home here and we got to see it from a distance.  It is massive and very impressive.  Tom took pictures and I will post them later.

At Curtain Bluffs, I had a pregnancy massage.  The woman’s hands were magical.  She moved around with the slightest of noise.  I barely knew when she switched from one side to the next.  I really appreciated her concern about my comfort throughout the massage.  I don’t get massages often and it can be uncomfortable to be naked around a stranger.  It is compounded by the fact that I am pregnant and therefore a bit larger than my normal self. 

We met with the General Manager today who showed us around the property and gave us complimentary spa treatments.  I am going to get a facial tomorrow and Tom is getting an aromatherapy massage.  After our treatments, we are going to watch the sunset over the Caribbean Sea from their balcony at the spa. 

This has been a really fun vacation.  We always enjoy our vacations but they aren’t always fun trips.  Tom is not a relax and sit back type of guy.  He has embraced this and has enjoyed the beach thoroughly.  He went up against some major waves today and I don’t think I have seen him smile so much in a while.  He has already mentioned bringing Hunter here in a few years.

Overall, I would recommend Curtain Bluff to anyone looking for a romantic getaway, babymoon destination or true relaxing vacation.

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tomAfter dropping me off at my apartment, my Mom asked me how far the hospital is from my apartment.  I had scheduled my ultrasound to see the baby’s anatomy (and gender) for that Tuesday.  I told her that it is about 15 blocks or so and that we would walk there.  She misunderstood and thought that I was referring to walking to the hospital for when the baby is coming.  No, no, I am taking a cab.  Well, dear old Tom questioned why wouldn’t I walk to the hospital while I am in labor.  His thought is that we would walk some, rest some until we got there.  He figures I won’t give birth on the sidewalk and I will have plenty of time to get there once the contractions start. I guess he has not been around many pregnant women in labor.  I am going to go out on a limb and say that women are not interested in walking to the hospital when they are in labor.  I don’t know how many could even walk!!  I do have one request – please don’t kill Tom for thinking this.  I do still need a birthing coach for when the time comes.

What to do with him?  He is actually very persistent in the fact that I should not have to take a cab to or from the hospital.  Bless his misguided soul, but I will be taking a cab to and from the hospital with or without him!!

Though it is a bit funny to think of myself waddling down Columbus Avenue to 9th Avenue huffing and puffing while contracting.  Tom would be videotaping the whole thing since he is obsessed with his new Mino Flip.  He seems to tape everything he does now which will translate to everything I do soon.

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Yesterday I went to a Big City Moms event, The Happiest Baby on the Block with Dr. Harvey Karp.  It was held on the Upper East Side at All Souls Church.  Tom and I had heard from a few people that recommended the DVD/book.  I did not have any expectations and did not do any homework (so unlike me!!).  However I was quite impressed once he started talking as he not only talked about his techniques but showed us his techniques on fussy babies in the audience.  The amazing part was that they work.  Those crying babies were quiet within a minute or two.  He has made me a believer and I am eager to try out his ways with Hunter when he arrives. 

I learned quite a bit at the event and am definitely happy that I went.  I learned the proper way to swaddle and how easy he made it look.  I suspect it may take a few tries to get the swaddle as perfect as he seems to do it.  I had never thought about white noise before.  It is amazing how little I can relate to Hunter right now.  He is hearing noises at a level far louder than I hear things yet the first thing I would probably worry about is the loud noises around us. 

I recommend picking up his DVD for anyone who may be struggling with fussy/colicky babies.  At worst, you spend a few dollars but the reward is so much better – more sleep and less crying from you and your baby.  Note:  He also has a Happiest Toddler on the Block which I will be attending next year if all goes well with the baby techniques.

One last thing – I won another raffle.  I won passes to a series with Big City Moms called You Just Had a Baby, Now What?  Since I am not due until November, I will be able to attend in November/December.  Hunter is truly bringing us good luck.  Now if only he would win us the Orbit stroller, we would be VERY happy!!

Thank you, Big City Moms for another great event.

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