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30 weeks ago we never imagined that we would be planning a nursery for a new arrival.  We struggled for so long to get pregnant yet once it happened all of our struggles were forgotten and we were carried away by the pure joy of that + sign on a home pregnancy test.  Now, here we are at 30 weeks and scrambling to get everything ready for Hunter’s arrival.  We have 10 weeks before my due date.  However, do we really have 10 weeks?  Most first time moms who have had boys this year have delivered them earlier than their due dates.  I am not talking 2 days but more like 2 weeks.  I am trying to prepare UWS Dad for this possiblity and get him motivated to set up the nursery. (more…)


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Some of us are lucky to have a wonderful or at least tolerable mother-in-law.  My own mother really cared for and liked my grandmother.  They had weekly dinners at each house and did nice things for one another.  Now, this could have to do with the fact that my mother had lost her parents and took what she could get.  Or it could have to do with the “times” of grinning and bearing your in-laws no matter how terrible they are to be around.  I have to assume it is the former.  I however am not lucky enough to be able to say that I like my mother-in-law or find her tolerable either.  But, isn’t this the way it is supposed to be?  Aren’t we supposed to have issues with our in-laws?  Well, you haven’t seen anything until you have met my in-laws (Bob, my father-in-law excluded, he is wonderful!!).  I am referring to UWS Dad’s mother and stepfather throughout this post.

devil-head-beadIt seems that every time UWS Dad does something unkind or is unkind to me, I immediately think of his mother, Peggy O’Neill and step-father, Tim O’Neill.  I blame them for his lack of compassion and his insane drive to be number one.  I think that his drive can be great but it gets over the top sometimes and I blame them for this.  They did not raise him to value family and it is only through being with me, along with being in touch with his Dad again, that he has come around a bit.  When I first met Tom, he had no desire to get married or have children.  I think he would have remained living with me for the rest of his life and would not made a decision about the future.  I blame Her because she has such a crappy track record with relationships that Tom did not have any example to use.


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Some of the posts here will be more personal in nature.  I have decided to keep them up.  My reason for doing so is that there are so many people out there that may have struggled with infertility and the disappointment that goes with it.  Some may have also experienced a miscarriage and not spoken about it.  These are just a few things that many women go through but don’t talk about.  I think that there tends to be shame when talking about the above mentioned topics.  I can understand as I definitely did not share any of these experiences with friends or family.  I felt alone when these things were happening.  I am sharing my experiences now so others may feel more comfortable that they are not alone and that others have been through it too.  I apologize if my posts make you uncomfortable, but my advice is: Don’t read them.  I hope that this blog will reach others and give them a sense of comfort.

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