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I miss New York or at least a part of me misses it.  I am loving my quiet, suburban life here in PA but a part of me yearns for the city every now and then.  I think that it may have to do with the change in weather.  I LOVE the fall weather and all the changes that occur.  My last autumn in NYC was while pregnant and I have very fond memories of that time since I walked everywhere.  I even walked 20+ blocks the day before having my son and I was already having contractions!

I think that I also miss having so many restaurants to choose from for dinner.  Toward the end of my pregnancy, we (re) found a great Thai restaurant, Land, that had the best skirt steak entree around and their chicken curry puffs were so tasty.  It is an experience that most would miss, I think.

I have to add that I miss my manicure/pedicure place and my hair salon.  It takes a while to find a great hair salon and I found mine.  It is Rare salon located in Tribeca.  They are wonderful and so skilled.  The owner, Ruth, is on the floor cutting hair and always smiling at those around her.  It is worth noting that they are priced way below Manhattan standards but provide a cut that rivals the pricey ones.  And I used to go to Bloomie Nails in midtown and Dashing Diva on the UWS to get my nails done.  I could always trust that their stuff was clean and the technicians were skilled at providing manicures and pedicures.  Their manicures and pedicures would last for weeks!!

I have to admit that Central Park was never my “thing”.  I always worried that I would get lost and followed the same exact path that I knew inside and out.  I never explored the park and for good reason.  I was meeting a friend for lunch at the boat basin.  Now this place is a straight shot from the 72nd Street entrance.  Count on me to make it more difficult than necessary.  I was supposed to look for the fountain and meet him down at the restaurant.  Well, I did find a fountain, it just wasn’t the correct one.  I got lost going straight through Central Park, that is why I never explored.  But I do miss walking through the areas that I knew.  The leaves have probably changed and the air is crisp with fall smells and I am imagining a leisurely stroll with my son in his stroller.

All in all though I am happy in PA.  I love my house and my son is thriving being around family.  It makes up for the little things that I am missing in NYC.  I can always visit and probably am a better visitor than resident.


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This is an event worth checking out:  Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower.  I attended with a super pass (which I recommend if you can buy one) when I was pregnant and ended up winning a photo session with Leshem Loft and a Phil & Ted’s traveller.  Plus I brought home great gift bags!! You will meet tons of vendors, receive great gift bags and get to eat great food with great hosts.  You can never go wrong with Big City Moms, their events are the best in NYC.  The hostesses make you feel welcome and there are always great people attending plus you win fabulous prizes!!

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Check out the Big City Moms website for some great Halloween parties for you and your family: http://bigcitymoms.com/upcomingevents.php

They have never disappointed me with their expectant mother events, so check one of the Halloween parties out.  If you do attend, please comment and let me know if you (and your family) liked it.

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Uppa Baby VistaThe Uppa Baby Vista stroller has been described as part sports car, part super-utility vehicle.  It has been compared to the Bugaboo as it most closely resembles the Bugaboo model.  However, there are a few key differences that exist between the two strollers.  The Vista has foam-filled tires that never go flat. It also has a pop-out canopy extension which provides 30% more sun coverage. The Vista also has a slight height advantage when the bassinet is on the stroller, which means you don’t have to reach as far to pick up your newborn.  The major difference is price.  The Vista costs about $669.99 while the Bugaboo Cameleon costs $879.99.  I have not investigated the Bugaboo Cameleon in person in great detail so am not trying to sway the reader one way or the other.  The Vista provides a nice, less expensive alternative for those who cannot afford to spend over $950 (tax is very high in NYC).

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