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Graco Snugride 32We are not even parents (technically) yet and so many of our ideas of what we want have changed.  I had done extensive research into baby gear, clothing, blankets, etc.  I had decided (since UWS Dad is not into details) that we would not purchase an infant car seat rather just a convertible one.  This would eliminate the need to purchase another car seat later on and would save us money in the long run.  Well, we attended the Biggest Baby Shower and spoke to a representative with Britax, the manufacturer of the convertible car seat I wanted to purchase.  This person advised us that though convertible car seats are technically for babies starting at 5 lbs, there is always a chance that the baby will be too small for the car seat.  This means that the hospital will not release your baby to you.  Rather than worry about this, we have decided to purchase an infant car seat.  The car seat we decided on has a few perks to it.  It accomodates a baby up to 32 lbs, it costs less $$ than the convertible ($149.99 vs. $309.99) and it takes up less room in our apartment.  So, last night in the pouring rain, we trekked out to Babies r Us  in Union Square and purchased the Graco Snugride 32 in Lemon Grass.  It looks like it will be a safe, reliable car seat for Hunter.  Now, we just have to figure out how the darned thing works.


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Tom at ChristmasTom is a blogger by night, writer in Corporate America by day.  He has decided to take his exceptional skills as a blogger and apply them to his personal life.  He has started a blog named appropriately UWS Dad: http://uwsdad.wordpress.com/

I cannot guarantee that you will like what he writes but I can guarantee that you will always be entertained.  Please keep up with us as we navigate pregnancy and parenthood (come November).

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