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Like most moms out there, I have gone through a lot of different sippy cups in search of that perfect sippy cup.  We have tried those with straws and those without.  We have tried many different brands and styles.  I finally found one that does not leak, spill, leave water rings and does not dent.  It is the Thermos Foogo Leak Proof Sippy Cup .  And the best part is that it keeps the liquid cold.  It is an amazing sippy cup.  I got it at Babies r Us and it is a bit expensive.  However, when you look at the cost of the previously used sippy cups and how quickly I went through them, I feel that this purchase is going to be worth it.  Baby J actually ends up drinking more of the liquid in this cup. Before I would find that it was all over the floors and rugs.  I recommend this sippy cup to anyone who has a baby that uses a sippy cup and has had no luck with others.  It is definitely worth a try!!


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