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I miss New York or at least a part of me misses it.  I am loving my quiet, suburban life here in PA but a part of me yearns for the city every now and then.  I think that it may have to do with the change in weather.  I LOVE the fall weather and all the changes that occur.  My last autumn in NYC was while pregnant and I have very fond memories of that time since I walked everywhere.  I even walked 20+ blocks the day before having my son and I was already having contractions!

I think that I also miss having so many restaurants to choose from for dinner.  Toward the end of my pregnancy, we (re) found a great Thai restaurant, Land, that had the best skirt steak entree around and their chicken curry puffs were so tasty.  It is an experience that most would miss, I think.

I have to add that I miss my manicure/pedicure place and my hair salon.  It takes a while to find a great hair salon and I found mine.  It is Rare salon located in Tribeca.  They are wonderful and so skilled.  The owner, Ruth, is on the floor cutting hair and always smiling at those around her.  It is worth noting that they are priced way below Manhattan standards but provide a cut that rivals the pricey ones.  And I used to go to Bloomie Nails in midtown and Dashing Diva on the UWS to get my nails done.  I could always trust that their stuff was clean and the technicians were skilled at providing manicures and pedicures.  Their manicures and pedicures would last for weeks!!

I have to admit that Central Park was never my “thing”.  I always worried that I would get lost and followed the same exact path that I knew inside and out.  I never explored the park and for good reason.  I was meeting a friend for lunch at the boat basin.  Now this place is a straight shot from the 72nd Street entrance.  Count on me to make it more difficult than necessary.  I was supposed to look for the fountain and meet him down at the restaurant.  Well, I did find a fountain, it just wasn’t the correct one.  I got lost going straight through Central Park, that is why I never explored.  But I do miss walking through the areas that I knew.  The leaves have probably changed and the air is crisp with fall smells and I am imagining a leisurely stroll with my son in his stroller.

All in all though I am happy in PA.  I love my house and my son is thriving being around family.  It makes up for the little things that I am missing in NYC.  I can always visit and probably am a better visitor than resident.


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I have a few friends who are pregnant with girls or have been pregnant with girls.  And they have not been thrilled with being pregnant and have had a difficult time with their pregnancies.  Some gained a ton of weight or had edema.  Others suffered severe morning sickness.  Now, I had very little problems with any of the above.  I had nausea and it was annoying but nothing that could not be handled with saltines and ginger ale or ginger tea.  I ended up gaining most of my weight toward the end.  I loved being pregnant but was carrying a boy.  Did my carrying a boy have anything to do with me loving pregnancy?  Does gender influence your view of pregnancy?  I had come up with a theory that perhaps women enjoy pregnancy with boys more because of the hormone balance.  Boys are full of testosterone while girls have estrogen.  A women is going to be overloaded with estrogen with girls and maybe that is why they have difficult pregnancies or less enjoyable pregnancies.  Of course, this is a theory with nothing to back it up, just something I made up.   It is an interesting thought though, isn’t it?

Note: I have known women carrying girls who never complained about their pregnancies also.  I am not making the assumption that all women carrying girls complain.  However, I have not come across many women who  complained when carrying a boy.

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I have been the woman that every other pregnant/postpartum woman hates.  I had a relatively easy pregnancy and loved every day of being pregnant.  I had a long(ish) labor but did not complain about it, not even during the labor.  And I lost all of the weight gained during pregnancy within 2 weeks of leaving the hospital.  Okay, you can hate me now but I could counter all of those great things with other not so great things but will refrain from getting too personal.

And again, hate me but I did not have even a touch of postpartum depression.  However I have been dealing with a rather cranky child lately.  It has made me wonder how someone with postpartum depression would handle a situation like this.  Would that person want to hit or hurt the child?  Is that what happens when a person is depressed after giving birth?  I guess motherhood has made me a more curious person.

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The title is just for dramatic purposes.  Breastfeeding is turning out to be a great experience for myself and Hunter.  It did not start out that way and there were times in which I really thought that we would end up having a formula fed only baby.  It started out with the jaundice.  Hunter had to be in a phototherapy light booth all day aside from 20-30 minutes for feedings.  Let me just start by saying that first time mothers don’t have any idea what we are doing.  At least this first time mother had no idea what she was doing and to be put under pressure to breastfeed her baby in 20-30 minutes was daunting.  It would take me 20-30 minutes to get him to latch on sometimes.  And then after bringing Hunter home I thought he was doing great with breastfeeding.  We found out he had lost weight since coming home which means I was not being productive with the breastfeeding.  Again, thoughts of quitting went through my head.  (more…)

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PregnancyMost women I know can’t wait to deliver their babies.  Though I count myself among them, I also struggle with knowing it will all be over soon.  Of course, I want to meet my new baby boy but I love being pregnant too.  It has been probably the best 9 months of my life.  I have had very few complaints about this time during pregnancy.

I am going to miss a lot of things but there are a few things that will be missed more than others.  I am going to miss being able to sit an entire bus/ subway ride and not have to feel like I should give up my seat.  I am going to miss the pregnancy clothing.  I know most women probably can’t wait to get back into their pre-pregnancy clothing and want to burn the maternity clothes they wore but I loved my maternity outfits and loved not having to deal with zippers and buttons.  I will miss the feeling of being beautiful throughout this pregnancy.  I felt like I did on my wedding day throughout this entire pregnancy.  I did not have major body issues and welcomed the weight gain, though it felt like it came all at once.  I know that it sounds so romantic but I will miss being pregnant and at the same time cannot wait to hold our new baby boy in my arms.

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32 weeks 2 days 3Prior to becoming pregnant, I was not sure where I would stand on this topic.  I always assumed I would be offended by people who would just come up and touch my belly.  I am a stickler for personal space and will take a step back, on people quite a bit, to make my point that the person is too close to me.  Now that I am pregnant, I hardly even notice when people touch my stomach.  It may be because not that many people have done it and no strangers have done it.  Plus, many have asked before doing it.  I think that the main reason I am not offended or upset by it is that this may be my only pregnancy and I am enjoying everything about it.  I am even enjoying getting quite big at the end of this pregnancy though it is hard at times to accept.

There is one person who has not had any interest and that is UWS Dad.  I am not sure his reasoning but it isn’t a big deal, just a fact.

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30 weeks ago we never imagined that we would be planning a nursery for a new arrival.  We struggled for so long to get pregnant yet once it happened all of our struggles were forgotten and we were carried away by the pure joy of that + sign on a home pregnancy test.  Now, here we are at 30 weeks and scrambling to get everything ready for Hunter’s arrival.  We have 10 weeks before my due date.  However, do we really have 10 weeks?  Most first time moms who have had boys this year have delivered them earlier than their due dates.  I am not talking 2 days but more like 2 weeks.  I am trying to prepare UWS Dad for this possiblity and get him motivated to set up the nursery. (more…)

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