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We got our Uppa Baby Vista stroller as a gift and I love it! The whole system is so easy to use from the car seat adapter to the bassinet to the toddler seat.  I have been happy with every part of this stroller.  Recently I have noticed that the stroller makes a noise when I push it.  I called customer service today and they could not have nicer about trying to figure out what is wrong.  They are sending me out a new set of wheels tomorrow and were so gracious about the whole process.  They explained that they have to get the wheels from the warehouse so they couldn’t be sent out until tomorrow.  They seemed genuinely concerned about my problem and wanted to fix it.  I was happy with the stroller now I am happy with the company!!  Thank you UppaBaby!!


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Tom at ChristmasI was on the phone with my Mom the other day and was telling her some of the things that come out of Tom’s mouth.  She was hysterical laughing and told me that I need to write them all down.  Well here is on: I was talking to Tom about different things we need to take care of before Baby J arrives.  We are coming close to finding out the gender of the baby and will probably register for things after that.  One of the major concerns has been which stroller we will choose.  If we go with the Orbit, we won’t need a car seat initially and if we go with the UppaBaby, we will need a car seat to bring Baby J home.  With that we discussed bringing Baby J home from the hospital.  I am due November 9th.  This means that Baby J is most likely to be born during cooler/colder weather.  Tom’s solution to the car seat discussion was to walk Baby J home.  We live about 15 blocks from the hospital which is nothing compared to our weekend jaunts around the city.  However, we don’t have a 2-3 day old infant in November weather and I have not just given birth.  Sometimes I just have to laugh over Tom’s ideas.  They are so cute and so funny.  I cannot help but love him a bit more for being so cute.  As they come up, I will post them.  This is just one of many that I am sure will come up. 🙂

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