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I have a few friends who are pregnant with girls or have been pregnant with girls.  And they have not been thrilled with being pregnant and have had a difficult time with their pregnancies.  Some gained a ton of weight or had edema.  Others suffered severe morning sickness.  Now, I had very little problems with any of the above.  I had nausea and it was annoying but nothing that could not be handled with saltines and ginger ale or ginger tea.  I ended up gaining most of my weight toward the end.  I loved being pregnant but was carrying a boy.  Did my carrying a boy have anything to do with me loving pregnancy?  Does gender influence your view of pregnancy?  I had come up with a theory that perhaps women enjoy pregnancy with boys more because of the hormone balance.  Boys are full of testosterone while girls have estrogen.  A women is going to be overloaded with estrogen with girls and maybe that is why they have difficult pregnancies or less enjoyable pregnancies.  Of course, this is a theory with nothing to back it up, just something I made up.   It is an interesting thought though, isn’t it?

Note: I have known women carrying girls who never complained about their pregnancies also.  I am not making the assumption that all women carrying girls complain.  However, I have not come across many women who  complained when carrying a boy.


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I have been the woman that every other pregnant/postpartum woman hates.  I had a relatively easy pregnancy and loved every day of being pregnant.  I had a long(ish) labor but did not complain about it, not even during the labor.  And I lost all of the weight gained during pregnancy within 2 weeks of leaving the hospital.  Okay, you can hate me now but I could counter all of those great things with other not so great things but will refrain from getting too personal.

And again, hate me but I did not have even a touch of postpartum depression.  However I have been dealing with a rather cranky child lately.  It has made me wonder how someone with postpartum depression would handle a situation like this.  Would that person want to hit or hurt the child?  Is that what happens when a person is depressed after giving birth?  I guess motherhood has made me a more curious person.

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