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New Orbit stroller

orbit-g2-todseat-red1Check out the new Orbit stroller.  It should be available sometime in early 2010:  http://is.gd/3wRY1  They are calling it the Orbit G2 stroller.  I wonder if I should hold off on buying my stroller until this one is released.  Yeah right, I cannot afford this stroller!!  Plus, Tom aka UWSDad would kill me for purchasing something so expensive!!


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30 weeks ago we never imagined that we would be planning a nursery for a new arrival.  We struggled for so long to get pregnant yet once it happened all of our struggles were forgotten and we were carried away by the pure joy of that + sign on a home pregnancy test.  Now, here we are at 30 weeks and scrambling to get everything ready for Hunter’s arrival.  We have 10 weeks before my due date.  However, do we really have 10 weeks?  Most first time moms who have had boys this year have delivered them earlier than their due dates.  I am not talking 2 days but more like 2 weeks.  I am trying to prepare UWS Dad for this possiblity and get him motivated to set up the nursery. (more…)

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