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Aden and Anais Mod About Baby burpy bibs


I am a huge fan of Aden and Anais.  I have their swaddles and two sleeping bags.  A short time ago, I purchased the second Aden and Anais sleeping bag for Baby J.  I was so excited since this would be his second one and it was in the next size up so he could grow into it.  I find that the muslin material is perfect for summer.  It keeps Baby J from overheating at night.  Unfortunately, this second sleeping bag frayed at the seam in the wash.  So I contacted Aden and Anais customer service and explained the situation.  They were so quick to respond and didn’t hesitate to send me a new one.  Well I opened my package yesterday, 11 June, and I was so surprised to find not only that they had replaced my sleep sack but had also sent me burpy bibs.  I had considered buying one but Baby J has so many bibs and burp cloths, I restrained myself.  I do have a tendency to buy things for Baby J that he may not necessarily need or use for very long.  I am so happy that I received them.  They are great – soft and absorbent.  Plus they have “wings” so the bib goes around the entire front of the baby.  Most bibs leave the sides open and food gets on your baby’s clothing no matter how careful you are.

It is rare to find such good customer service these days and I am now a huge fan of Aden and Anais.  I hope that you try out their items.  I can say that they are worth every penny.


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We got our Uppa Baby Vista stroller as a gift and I love it! The whole system is so easy to use from the car seat adapter to the bassinet to the toddler seat.  I have been happy with every part of this stroller.  Recently I have noticed that the stroller makes a noise when I push it.  I called customer service today and they could not have nicer about trying to figure out what is wrong.  They are sending me out a new set of wheels tomorrow and were so gracious about the whole process.  They explained that they have to get the wheels from the warehouse so they couldn’t be sent out until tomorrow.  They seemed genuinely concerned about my problem and wanted to fix it.  I was happy with the stroller now I am happy with the company!!  Thank you UppaBaby!!

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