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I am not one to really like getting “advice” from other parents so I am not going to give any advice in this post.  However, I will provide some insight from my personal experience so far.  I was savoring the newborn time in which Hunter would be awake for 6 hours straight and when I was getting like 3-4 hours sleep a day.  I felt like I was a hero for being so selfless.  I was living in the moment and not thinking that this was not going to last forever.  Now that we are at 7 weeks, I am now realizing that this moment and experience will change tomorrow or even later today.  Hunter is now sleeping for long(er) hours and eating much more at each sitting.  He is cooing and “talking”.  He tries to laugh and is much more active with this arms and legs.  It feels like just yesterday he was only smiling or “talking” when I coaxed him rather than him doing it on his own.  Just when I get used to one thing, Hunter has moved on to doing something new.  I have learned to savor every moment and cherish the time I have now with Hunter as an infant as it is fleeting.

Motherhood is the best job I have ever had and some days I feel like nothing else exists aside from Hunter and myself.


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Tom with positive testMy husband, Tom, is gathering as much information as he can from new fathers.  We had brunch with one of those newer fathers on Saturday and Tom was given a ton of information.  Thank you to our friends from NJ for their great advice.  One of Tom’s biggest concerns is the lack of sleep that all parents will suffer.  I told him that eventually the baby’s cries will become distinguishable and we will know whether s/he needs to be changed, fed or if s/he is just fussy.  Tom has come up with an idea of doing shifts.  I will do a 4 hour shift then he will stay up for the next 4 hours.  We have yet to really explore how this would or could work but it is something new that not one new parent has suggested to us.

A few things that have been suggested are:  Miracle Blanket, Sleep Sheep, mirrors to entertain Baby J, speak to Baby J in full sentences, not baby talk and these are just a few.  I think that Tom is getting more excited and less freaked out about pending fatherhood.  I hope that this continues.  What was the best advice you received?

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