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My son is now over 14 months old and almost 2 years ago I discovered that I was pregnant with him.  If I was still married, I would probably be discussing another pregnancy with my husband so as to have about 2 years or so between our children.  Well, I am not married anymore so that is not an option.  However, I am becoming surrounded by new pregnancies of people who have children about the same age as BBB.  It is bittersweet to hear about these new pregnancies.  I had every intention of not making Hunter an only child.  I am not an only child and I wanted a sibling for my son.  But that is not what is going to happen right now.

I think that opens another topic which is how many children should a family have.  I don’t want to even start on that one but I can say that there are a few families out there that probably have too many children.  I think that they are obvious and I don’t want to disparage any one family so I will just let the readers think for themselves about this one.

One last thought, I loved being pregnant and would do it again in a heartbeat.  Pregnancy was the happiest time of my life before I had my son.


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I will be changing my baby’s name in posts to BBB.  When I had my son, he was named Baby Boy Brown by the hospital since I had not changed the name on my medical insurance.  So, with the impending divorce I feel that it is appropriate that he take on my name in posts.  It isn’t a big deal, just a change to note that will take place in future posts.

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