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I would like to claim that I run my household with an iron fist and I keep my son in line. I would be lying if I did though and laugh at such a statement. The reason is that my son is so completely in charge. He determines most of our day. Don’t get me wrong, he takes naps and eats at designated times and usually complies without much complaint. However, he calls the shots in most other areas. A perfect example would be today. I was changing his diaper but he wanted nothing to do with laying down. My solution was to change his diaper with him standing up. I figure he needs a diaper change and it gets done without tears. I would love to hear your stories about your child(ren) showing you who is boss.


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Britax Boulevard Lauren Convertible SeatIs it me or shouldn’t car seats be placed behind the passenger’s seat in the car?  All traffic laws in the US require us to pull to the right when stopping unless on a one-way street.  And that would mean that the sidewalk would be on the right side of the car therefore the safe side to open to car door.  I have noticed a number of parents who have put their child’s car seat behind them in their car.  I have a few questions about this – 1) How do you see your child while you are driving?  2) How stupid is it to open a car door into traffic and take your child out and risk harm to him/her and yourself?  and 3) Do you all originally come from the UK?  I am not a parent yet but I can see that it is stupid as I have witnessed these car doors opening without any regard to oncoming traffic and have seen children nearly being missed by cars driving by.

I would be interested to hear people’s takes on this subject.  It is common sense to me that you would put your child in a place where you can see him/her.  It is also makes sense to me to put your child in a situation that would allow safe discharge to a sidewalk.

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