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Shortly after having Hunter Tom, aka UWSDad, changed jobs.  This caused a change in our insurance.  Unfortunately, the wonderful pediatrician we found no longer could be Hunter’s doctor.  She does not accept our new insurance.  I searched high and low to find another doctor near our apartment and have had no luck.  I have even gone back to the wonderful doctor and paid full price!  (more…)


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I am not one to really like getting “advice” from other parents so I am not going to give any advice in this post.  However, I will provide some insight from my personal experience so far.  I was savoring the newborn time in which Hunter would be awake for 6 hours straight and when I was getting like 3-4 hours sleep a day.  I felt like I was a hero for being so selfless.  I was living in the moment and not thinking that this was not going to last forever.  Now that we are at 7 weeks, I am now realizing that this moment and experience will change tomorrow or even later today.  Hunter is now sleeping for long(er) hours and eating much more at each sitting.  He is cooing and “talking”.  He tries to laugh and is much more active with this arms and legs.  It feels like just yesterday he was only smiling or “talking” when I coaxed him rather than him doing it on his own.  Just when I get used to one thing, Hunter has moved on to doing something new.  I have learned to savor every moment and cherish the time I have now with Hunter as an infant as it is fleeting.

Motherhood is the best job I have ever had and some days I feel like nothing else exists aside from Hunter and myself.

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I am not going to be able to attend due to the arrival of Hunter.  However, this event looks to be fun and I will be sure to attend next year.  Big City Moms is having a Holiday Fun Fest for the whole family on Sunday, November 22nd at the Sports Club/LA.  Please be sure to comment if you do attend.  Big City Moms provides quality events and has never disappointed me.

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30 weeks ago we never imagined that we would be planning a nursery for a new arrival.  We struggled for so long to get pregnant yet once it happened all of our struggles were forgotten and we were carried away by the pure joy of that + sign on a home pregnancy test.  Now, here we are at 30 weeks and scrambling to get everything ready for Hunter’s arrival.  We have 10 weeks before my due date.  However, do we really have 10 weeks?  Most first time moms who have had boys this year have delivered them earlier than their due dates.  I am not talking 2 days but more like 2 weeks.  I am trying to prepare UWS Dad for this possiblity and get him motivated to set up the nursery. (more…)

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Beach in AntiguaMy husband, Tom, who writes for Gadling and Luxist, and I are in Antigua on our baby moon.  We are staying at Curtain Bluff and it is our first experience with 1)an all-inclusive restort and 2)traveling to the Caribbean.  The vibe is so different here.  Everyone at the resort greets you with a smile and a hello. 

 The island is only 108 square miles and has 90,000 residents.  Tom commented that the population in our neighborhood in Manhattan is larger than their entire island.  It is amazing to think of how large Manhattan is in relation to other places but I digress.

Today we had our island tour and got to see parts of the island that we would not have seen otherwise and learn a bit about it’s history.  It is such a beautiful place with water all around no matter where we looked.  Eric Clapton has a home here and we got to see it from a distance.  It is massive and very impressive.  Tom took pictures and I will post them later.

At Curtain Bluffs, I had a pregnancy massage.  The woman’s hands were magical.  She moved around with the slightest of noise.  I barely knew when she switched from one side to the next.  I really appreciated her concern about my comfort throughout the massage.  I don’t get massages often and it can be uncomfortable to be naked around a stranger.  It is compounded by the fact that I am pregnant and therefore a bit larger than my normal self. 

We met with the General Manager today who showed us around the property and gave us complimentary spa treatments.  I am going to get a facial tomorrow and Tom is getting an aromatherapy massage.  After our treatments, we are going to watch the sunset over the Caribbean Sea from their balcony at the spa. 

This has been a really fun vacation.  We always enjoy our vacations but they aren’t always fun trips.  Tom is not a relax and sit back type of guy.  He has embraced this and has enjoyed the beach thoroughly.  He went up against some major waves today and I don’t think I have seen him smile so much in a while.  He has already mentioned bringing Hunter here in a few years.

Overall, I would recommend Curtain Bluff to anyone looking for a romantic getaway, babymoon destination or true relaxing vacation.

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